Festivals in Copenhagen

Last updated on October 2nd, 2023 at 11:23 am

Copenhagen's Nyhavn, with a rich life of people, restaurants and shops

As with most big cities, festivals are common in Copenhagen, particularly during the warmer parts of the year. We’ll take a look at some of the most prominent ones, so that you can decide if any of them suits your needs.

Music Festivals in Copenhagen

Copenhagen Distortion Street Festival

Where: All over Copenhagen
When: May/June

Distortion Street Festival is one of the largest annual festivals in Europe, with an estimated 100,000 guests on a daily basis. The festival is a week-long street festival with all kinds of music and parties going on.

Every night, the festival takes over nightclubs and other venues, with the concept known as Distortion Club, which you can either access with single tickets or the Distortion Pass.

At the end of the week, the Distortion Ø festival with up to ten stages starts in Copenhagen Harbour, focusing on hip hop, trap, house, techno, world and experimental music.

Website: https://www.cphdistortion.dk/

Copenhagen Jazz Festival

Where: All over Copenhagen
When: July

The Copenhagen Jazz Festival has been running since 1979 in its current form, and is one of the largest music events in all of Europe. In fact, more than 250,000 people attend at least one of the events yearly, and legends like Ray Charles, Herbie Hancock and Dizzie Gillespie has graced the festival with their presence over the years.

The festival takes place all over the city in more than 100 venues, with more than a 1000 concerts during the 10 day event.

Website: https://www.jazz.dk/

Musik i Lejet

Where: Tisvildeleje
When: July

While not strictly in the city of Copenhagen, Musik i Lejet is a must for many in the Copenhagen area. The festival takes place on the beach in Tisvildeleje, just an hour away from Copenhagen. Musik i Lejet showcases the best Danish artists in a multitude of popular genres, such as hip hop, electronica and pop, and it has also seen international artists visit over the years.

If you want a festival in scenic environment, this one is perfect for you.

Website: https://www.musikilejet.dk/


Where: Refshaløen
When: June

CopenHell was established in 2010 at Refshaleøen, the former site of a shipyard, which closed in the mid-90s. Now it houses crafty entrepreneurs, crafts, flea markets, a food market and once a year, the CopenHell festival.

With 35,000 guests, it is an important hard rock and metal festival, and the largest in Denmark. The past years have seen the biggest names in the genre visit, with Metallica, Guns N’ Roses, Tool, Slipknot and Black Sabbath to mention a few of the headliners that have played CopenHell.

Website: https://www.copenhell.dk/

Strøm Festival

Where: All over Copenhagen
When: July

Strøm Festival really takes place year round, hosting events, but it culminates in the festival in August. Its goal is to push Danish electronic music forward, and it has become an institution in itself. It might not host the biggest name, but the underground feel is unbeatable.

Website: https://strm.dk/

Stella Polaris

Where: Frederiksberg
When: August

Stella Polaris is different from other festivals on this list, as it is not confined to one place, but tours around Denmark during the month of August. It provides free chill-out music to the attendees, and is the largest of its kind in the entire world. In 2023 they were in Frederiksberg in Copenhagen, but the schedule changes every year, so stay up to date by visiting the website below if you want to take a look at this festival.

Website: http://www.stella-polaris.dk/

Beer Festivals in Copenhagen

Copenhagen Beer Week

Where: All over Copenhagen
When: May

Copenhagen Beer Week is a beer celebration stretching over 9 days in May, with two separate festivals over two weekends. We’ll run through those in a moment. In addition to the festivals, there are events all over the city for the entire 9 days, including food and beer tasting, bingo, talks and much, much more.

Website: https://www.cphbw.dk/

Mikkeller Beer Celebration Copenhagen

Where: Øksnehallen, Vesterbro
When: May

Mikkeller Beer Celebration Copenhagen, or MBCC for short, is the first of the two festivals, and it’s a celebration of craft beer culture, featuring hundreds of beers from all around the world. At this festival, you buy an entrance ticket for one or more of the four sessions, and then you receive a glass that you can walk around with and taste whatever you like. If you love craft beer, this one’s for you.

Website: https://www.mikkeller.dk/


Where: Lokomotivværkstedet, Sydhavnen
When: May

Ølfestival simply means beer festival, and that’s just what this is. Ølfestival closes the Copenhagen Beer Week at Lokomotivværkstedet, the former maintenance hall of Danish locomotives. The location is massive and you will find almost 1000 beers from all over the world. Unlike MBCC, you pay for your beer with tokens. So it’s a lower threshold to enter, as the tickets are cheaper.

Website: https://ølfestival.dk/

Other Festivals in Copenhagen

Copenhagen Pride

Where: All over Copenhagen
When: August

Copenhagen Pride is the largest pride festival in the Nordic countries, and takes place over 9-10 days in August. More than 25,000 people partake in the parade, and more than 300,000 people take to the streets to enjoy themselves as it passes. There are plenty of events linked to the festival, including a film festival and concerts. It’s just a party where everyone is welcome.

Website: http://www.copenhagenpride.dk/

Copenhagen Carnival

Where: Fælledparken and the streets of Copenhagen
When: May/June (during the Whitsun Holiday)

The Copenhagen Carnival is a celebration of world music, with samba music taking a natural central place. It features more than 100 different concerts, thousands of dancers and more than 100,000 viewing the spectacle on the streets of Copenhagen.

The festival’s main venue is Fælledparken in Østerbro, right next to Parken Stadium. From there, the music and dance move into the streets of the city, and it’s a party unlike anything else you will find in Denmark.

Website: http://karneval-kbh.dk/