Best Oslo Festivals to Visit

Are you planning a trip to Oslo? Jump into the spirit of the vibrant Norwegian capital by joining in some of its unique festivals. Whether you are a music enthusiast or a food lover, Oslo’s festivals have something to cater to every taste.

Music festivals


Where: Tøyen Park, Oslo
When: August

Øyafestivalen is a hallmark in Oslo’s music scene, attracting festival enthusiasts from all corners of the globe. Held annually in Tøyen Park (Tøyenparken in Norwegian), it’s a blend of international and local talent across genres, mirroring the city’s cultural diversity.

In 2023, the festival saw performances by renowned artists such as Aurora, Sigrid, and Highasakite, amidst an audience of around 60,000 music lovers.


Oslo Jazz Festival

Where: Various venues across Oslo
When: August

With a rich history dating back to 1986, the Oslo Jazz Festival celebrates the essence of jazz music. The festival can be found all through the city, with main stages at iconic venues like the Oslo Concert Hall and Victoria National Jazz Scene, and features a blend of international and Norwegian jazz talents.



Where: Sofienbergparken
When: June

Pipfest (Originally Piknik i Parken) is a unique blend of music, art, and culture, offering a space for creative expression. It’s an intimate gathering that celebrates Oslo’s contemporary music and arts scene, providing a platform for emerging and established artists alike.

The 2023 edition saw The 1975, Busta Rhymes and Phoenix amongst others playing the festival.


Other Festivals

Oslo Film Festival

Where: Various cinemas across Oslo
When: November

The Oslo Film Festival, initiated in 1990, showcases a broad spectrum of global cinema. While it may not be the largest, it has garnered respect for its dedication to cinematic creativity and innovation. Award winners receive the much-coveted Silver Mirror trophy.


Oslo Culture Night

Where: All over Oslo
When: September

Oslo Culture Night is a city-wide celebration that unveils the rich cultural tapestry of Oslo in a single night. From music, dance, and theater to exhibitions and open galleries, it’s a night where the city’s cultural life shines bright.


Oslo Pride

Where: All over Oslo
When: June/July

Just like most big cities these days, Oslo too hosts a Pride festival celebrating LGBT culture. The festival boasts a vibrant parade and a week filled with events, discussions, and social gatherings promoting inclusivity and diversity.


Oslo Street Food Festival

Where: Vippa, Oslo
When: May

Oslo Street Food Festival is a haven for food enthusiasts. Held at Vippa, a food hall at the end of Vippetangen, it features a plethora of food trucks serving a variety of global cuisines. Besides the delicious food, attendees can enjoy live music and a buzzing atmosphere by the fjord.


Oslo Cheese Festival

Where: Mathallen, Oslo
When: February

Oslo Cheese Festival, or Ostefestivalen, is a paradise for cheese aficionados. Held at Mathallen, a focal point of culinary delights in Oslo, the festival is a platform for cheese makers to showcase their artisan products to the cheese-loving community of Oslo.


The city of Oslo pulsates with a distinctive cultural zest, showcased splendidly through its array of festivals. Whether you are wooed by the rhythm of music, the allure of cinema, the artistry in culture, or the tantalizing taste of street food and cheese, Oslo welcomes you to celebrate its many festivals.