Sports in Stockholm

Stockholm is filled to the brim with professional, and non-professional, sports teams. Why not watch some of them during your stay in the Swedish capital?

Or maybe you want to enjoy one of the other sporting events the city has to offer?

Football (Soccer) teams in Stockholm

Football is the biggest outdoor sport in Sweden by a large margin, and there are numerous teams in the top division, and in the divisions below. The season runs from April until November.

Let’s take a closer look at the most popular teams:


Stadium: Friends Arena

AIK is one of the biggest clubs in Stockholm, with 12 Swedish championships to their name. They play at Friends Arena, the national team stadium, with a capacity north of 50,000. And while they don’t fill that stadium consistently, it averages at around half-full, which is still an excellent atmosphere for a Swedish football game.


Stadium: Tele2 Arena

Djurgården, like AIK, has won the Swedish league 12 times, and is one of the biggest teams in Sweden historically. The team plays at Tele2 Arena, and produces a great atmosphere, which is well worth a visit for anyone who wants to see some Swedish football.

Djurgården’s women’s team play their games at Stockholm Stadion, and also play in the highest league in Sweden.


Stadium: Tele2 Arena

Hammarby, based at Tele2 Arena, has a rich and storied past, but has only managed to claim the league title once in their 108-year history. Despite that, they rank 10th on the all-time points list in the Swedish league, and have spent the majority of their history in the top league, the Allsvenskan.

The team is known for is fantastic atmosphere at games, and it’s really something that can rival what you find in the biggest European leagues.

The women’s team is also one of the best in Sweden, and play their games at Hammarby IP.


Stadium: Grimsta IP, Vällingby

Brommapojkarna do not have the same history as the other top flight-clubs from Stockholm, but they are known for something else; talent development. Bojan Djordjic (Manchester United), Anders Limpar (Arsenal and Everton) and Dejan Kulsevski (Tottenham) are just a few of the names that started out with Brommapojkarna.

If you want to see the stars of the future, a visit to Grimsta IP to see Bromapojkarna is well worth it.

It’s worth noting that both the men’s and women’s team play in the Allsvenskan.

FC Stockholm Internazionale

Stadium: Hammarby IP, Södermalm

Unlike the other teams in this list with a history in the top-flight of Swedish football, FC Stockholm Internazionale is somewhat of an upstart. Founded in 2010 with huge ambition, the club started in the sixth level of Swedish football, and now find themselves in the third level.

The stated goal of the club is to play European football, meaning they have to finish near the top of the highest league, Allsvenskan, or win the cup. They are quite a distance away at the moment, and only time will tell whether or not they reach that goal.

It is however a fun, forward-thinking club, and well worth a visit. Not to mention their shirts are stunning.

Ice Hockey teams in Stockholm

Ice Hockey is the biggest indoor sport in Sweden, and one that at times rivals anything else. It’s truly a massive part of the Swedish soul, and the list of legendary players is long, and keeps on growing every year.

Unfortunately, there are no teams in the highest league at the moment, but second tier hockey in Sweden is as entertaining as it gets.

The hockey season runs from September to April.

Djurgården Hockey

Djurgården have been Swedish champions 16 times, and has won the SHL final (the playoffs) 20 times. It’s a historic team, but has struggled to reach the heights of their prime. In fact, the lone title in the past 12 years came as they won the SHL final in 2019. Subsequently they lost the relegation playoff in 2022, and now find themselves in the HockeyAllsvenskan, the second tier of Swedish hockey.

Home arena: Hovet and Avicii Arena (Globen)

The club is however well supported, and it’s a great time going to a game, even if they aren’t what they once were.

AIK Hockey

Home arena: Hovet

AIK Hockey are in a similar situation as their rivals Djurgården. 7 league titles and 12 SHL final wins is an impressive history, but the fact that the last title came in 1984 is concerning. It is however a well supported side as well, and despite struggling in the second tier, the atmosphere makes this a worthy visit.

Handball teams in Stockholm

Handball is a very popular sport in Sweden, taking only second place to ice hockey when it comes to indoor sports. Stockholm is home to two elite teams; one men’s team and one women’s. We’ll take a closer look here.

The handball season runs from September to May.

Hammarby Handboll

Home arena: Eriksdalshallen, Södermalm

Hammarby returned to the top league, the Handbollsligan in 2021, and have established themselves again. The team has three league titles from between 2006 to 2008. If handball is your thing, or you just want to try something new, finding your way over to Eriksdalshallen in Södermalm is definitely worth it.

Skuru IK (Women’s team)

Home arena: Nacka Bollhall, Nacka

To get to a Skuru game, you’ll have to make your way out to Nacka, east of Stockholm’s city center. The team is historically one of the best in Sweden, and constantly fight for titles. So this could be one if you want to see a winning team.

Other sporting events in Stockholm

Stockholm Marathon

When: End of May/Beginning of June
Where: Stockholm city centre.

Stockholm Marathon is Sweden’s largest marathon, with around 20,000 participants taking to the streets of Stockholm each year. It is categorized as a bronze label race by World Athletics, so competition is fierce. You don’t however need to be a top athlete to perform. It’s a race for everyone!


When: End of June/Beginning of July
Where: Stockholms Stadion

BAUHAUS-galan is part of the Diamond League athletics circuit, the top level of athletics outside of the World Championship and the Olympics. It has been running since 1967, and is a historically important event in the world of Athletics.

The event takes place at the end of June or beginning of July at Stockholms Stadion, also known as Stockholm Olympic Stadium, which was built for the 1912 Olympic Games.

Stockholm Open

When: October
Where: Kungliga Tennishallen

Stockholm Open is a stop on the ATP Tour, part of their ATP 250-series. The tournament has been running since 1969, and has seen legends such as Stefan Edberg, Ivan Lendl, Roger Federer and Boris Becker take the title.

This is one of few chances to see the very best tennis players in the world perform in the Nordic countries!